The Village of Almond would like to offer some reminders regarding SEWER BILL PAYMENTS:

  • Sewer bills are mailed quarterly. The bill you receive in April is for utility services for the 1st Quarter (January, February and March) and is due by April 20th to avoid a 3% late fee being assessed.
BillingMonths PaidDue Date
1st QuarterJanuary, February, MarchApril 20th
2nd QuarterApril, May, JuneJuly 20th
3rd QuarterJuly, August, SeptemberOctober 20th
4th QuarterOctober, November, DecemberJanuary 20th
  • It is very important that you write in the amount you are paying and submit the top portion of the bill with your payment to ensure that your account is credited.  
  • Sewer bills can be paid at the Almond branch of the Portage County Bank.


  • Payments can be mailed to the Village of Almond, PO Box 125, Almond, WI 54909, dropped off at the Village Office during business hours or placed in the secure drop box at the rear of the Village Office building.
  • We also offer an automatic bill paying service to Village homeowners who have an account with the Portage County Bank. If you are interested in learning more about this FREE service, please contact the Village Office at 715-366-8171.
  • Homeowners can also make advance payments, up to a whole year at a time. You would still receive a bill quarterly, but it will should show a negative balance until your credited amount was exhausted.  
  • Delinquent sewer charges will be added to homeowner’s property tax bill and a 10% additional penalty will be added.

We sincerely hope that these reminders will make the Sewer bill payment process easier for you.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding Sewer billing, please contact Heather Burns, village treasurer at 715-366-8171.